The SportAccord Council met by tele-conference on Wednesday, 27 July 2016. The meeting was chaired by newly elected President, Mr. Patrick Baumann and confirmed the appointment of new Members to the SportAccord Council as proposed by its stakeholders:

  • Mr. P. Baumann, FIBA Secretary General, (ASOIF)
  • Ms. K. Caithness, WCF President, (AIOWF)
  • Ms. M. Casado, ITU President, (ASOIF)
  • Mr. R. Chiulli, UIM President (ARISF)
  • Mr. S. Fox, IFMA Secretary General (AIMS)
  • Mr. R. Fraccari, WBSC President (ARISF)
  • Mr. G.F. Kasper, FIS President, (AIOWF)
  • Mr. N. Lalovic, UWW President, (ASOIF)
  • Mr. J. Perurena, IWGA President, (Associate Members)

The new SportAccord Council addressed the distribution of responsibilities within the Council and elected Mr. Raffaele Chiulli and Mr. Stephan Fox as Vice Presidents and Ms. Marisol Casado as Treasurer.

Following an internal review carried out during the month of June by SportAccord President, Mr. Patrick Baumann and SportAccord Convention President, Mr. Francesco Ricci Bitti, the Council approved the combining of the Managing Director role for both organisations. As a consequence, the Council appointed the current Managing Director of SportAccord Convention, Mr. Nis Hatt, as Managing Director of SportAccord.

Further, Mr. Philippe Gueisbuhler has been appointed as Head of Administration, overseeing the administration of both SportAccord and SportAccord Convention, and Mr. Michel Filliau as Senior Advisor to the SportAccord President in charge of Membership Relations. Mr. Matteo Vallini continues to lead the Doping-Free Sport Unit (DFSU) within SportAccord.

The SportAccord Council also took the decision to create Working Groups to analyse the feasibility of hosting specialised Multi-Sport Games in the future

News source: SportAccord Communications