Mission and Vision

Sport plays an unrivaled role in human society. The enormous power of sport is one which can bring about great change for the better and this power can be harnessed to spread cultural understanding, peace and well-being. AIMS mission and vision is just that; to unite us as the one spirit that we are. 

Where there is unity, and the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. It is imperative we continue to work together under good governance fostering our responsibilities of respect, unity, fair play. Sport can allow us to move towards a unified goal to guide, foster, promote and above all to learn from our most important asset; our athletes and our youth. AIMS is committed to strength the integrity of sport supporting and protecting clean athletes. AIMS via its members promotes sports, education and culture.

The symbol of AIMS is a handshake; representing cooperation in our striving to continue to develop sport and education in particular for youth through the principles of the Olympic Movement. And most importantly, the practice of sport must be a given human right. 

AIMS is a proudly recognized by the IOC and GAISF as one of the 5 umbrella organizations.

AIMS will continue to use the services provided by the IOC which in turn strengthens the position of each member and benefits the overall development of sport globally. 

AIMS Promotes equality, non-discrimination. The unity of the world sports family, both Olympic and non-Olympic, is key to the development of our shared vision. AIMS’s vision is to share that power of Unity for the benefit of our athletes, as they will be the future and carry the torch to a time, we might not be a part of anymore.

AIMS Council

President: Stephan Fox 

Vice President: Panagiotis Theodoropoulos (President, JJIF)

General Secretary: Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann (President, WMF)

Treasurer: Kei Izawa (Chairman, IAF)



    • Michal Buchel (CEO, FIAS)
    • Dr. Julie Gabriel (President, FISav)
    • Mike Haslam (Executive President, IDBF)
    • Robert Keller (General Secretary, IPF)
    • Karl Weiss (President, IFA)


Associate Directors:

    • Helen Lundberg (President, IFSS)
    • Sabine Shanahan (Financial Director, WDF)