Message from the President

The Alliance of Independent Members of Sport’s (AIMS) priority is to represent and coordinate the interest of our full members, associate members and observers. We must ensure close cooperation between our members and the important various stakeholders of the Olympic and sports movement.

AIMS represents these federations collectively, as one of the pillars of the Olympic movement; promoting fair play, good governance and unity towards our most important asset, our athletes, our youth, our future. The cooperation with the IOC is key to not only strengthen sport in society but work towards sport as a human right.

AIMS is proudly recognised by the International Olympic Committee and GAISF and will always as much protect, as to promote the important Olympic values.

We very much believe in the power of sport and what we can accomplish, if we all work together towards common goals. GAISF and AIMS are the entry point for the recognised world of sports and from there the individual federations strive for IOC recognition.

We are certainly proud that in the last 6 years 9 sports have received full recognition by the IOC. This is a testimony of the individual achievements of each IF and sport but also the close cooperation between AIMS and the International Olympic Committee, GAISF and the 3 umbrella groups; Association of Summer Olympic International Federations, Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations and Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations.

We are committed to work closely with the IOC to combat abuse in sport, ensure fair play and equality for opportunity throughout sport.

We are all connected through the important bonds of friendship and cooperation. We are committed to help each other for the benefit of the athletes towards a better tomorrow. This is why AIMS, is the founder of United Through Sports to form an alliance of organisations and individuals, working together through sports to bring inclusion, unity and equality to our world. We believe that every child should and must have the opportunity on the playing field of life. We are AIMS.

Stephan Fox