The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) conducted its biannual Delegates Conference during the 2023 Minigolf World Championships General Class in Uppsala, Sweden, marking the first such conference since 2019. Ten nations participated, deliberating and voting on critical measures concerning the sport and WMF governance.

A central aspect was the election of the WMF Presidential Committee. After 12 years as President, Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann announced his resignation, expressing gratitude for the role. He swiftly transitioned to the Vice President – Finance position, following his election. Leif Meitilberg, unanimously elected, now assumes the presidency. Meitilberg, a seasoned figure in minigolf since 1990, outlined plans to build on Zimmermann’s groundwork.

Further appointments included Sandra Walker’s re-election as Secretary General, Pasi Aho’s retention as Vice President – Sport, and Maciej Madrowski’s continuation as Vice President – Youth. Expected outcomes were seen in other committee member elections, detailed on the WMF website.

A significant governance alteration granted the Director of Development an Executive position, entailing voting rights on the Executive Board. This change was approved to enhance collaborative tasks between the Executive Committee and minigolf development within national federations, including new ones.