The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce the launch of its Ethics Reporting Platform, which allows for the collection of allegations from anyone who observes suspected ethical misconduct by WADA Officials.

This confidential, secure, and independent reporting platform is solely operated by WADA’s independent Ethics Officer, and includes: 

  • a form to submit a report directly to the Ethics Officer, with the option, if necessary, of staying anonymous; 
  • detailed answers to frequently asked questions, including which matters can be reported and which individuals are considered ‘WADA Officials’; and 
  • information about the Ethics Officer as well as a safe and secure manner to communicate with him after submitting a report.

Earlier this year, on 30 March 2023, Mr. Gautier Aubert was announced as the inaugural Ethics Officer. A Swiss lawyer and sports law expert, Mr. Aubert is working independently of WADA; and is responsible for implementing WADA’s Code of Ethics alongside the Independent Ethics Board (IEB). 


In November 2021, WADA’s Foundation Board (Board) adopted the Code of Ethics, which establishes clear ethical standards over the activities of WADA officials to ensure that the Agency can protect its guiding values of integrity, openness and excellence.

WADA then established the IEB, which operates independently of WADA and its Board. In May 2022, the Board approved the IEB’s nine members, and in August 2022, the Agency initiated the search for an Ethics Officer. In March 2023, following the IEB’s rigorous review of many strong candidates from around the world, WADA announced Mr. Gautier Aubert as the inaugural Ethics Officer.

Mr. Aubert was introduced at WADA’s Annual Symposium in the Ethics Best Practices session which was orchestrated by the IEB members. Since then, he has worked continuously on the development of the WADA Ethics Reporting Platform, in collaboration with WADA’s Information Technology Department and with input from the IEB.

In addition to managing cases under the Code of Ethics, Mr. Aubert functions as the first point of contact for information on possible breaches of ethics at WADA. He also undertakes investigations where required, prior to referring any cases to the IEB for adjudication.  

You can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Ethics Officer, and about Mr. Aubert, on the WADA Ethics Reporting Platform.

For more information on the Independent Ethics Board, please visit its dedicated website here.

If you have witnessed, know of or have reasonable grounds for suspecting ethical misconduct by a WADA Official, you are encouraged to submit a report here on the WADA Ethics Reporting Platform. You can also submit a report by email or ask questions to the Ethics Officer at