The 2018 general assembly of the World Masterships was held in Korea under the chairmanship of the esteemed governor of Cheoungju province, Governor Si Jong Lee. Representatives from around the world traveled to Cheoungju to participate in the forum which had many important speakers.

The afternoon meeting was on the organisation of the upcoming 2019 Games, under the honourary president of former UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon, and the President for 2019 of the World Taekwando Federation, Dr. Chungwon Choue. The governor opened the assembly followed by GIASF Vice President, Mr. Stephan Fox, honouring the late President Patrick Baumann with a minute of silence.

Many AIMS member federations participated in that meeting including AIMS Vice President and President of Ju Jitsu, Mr. Panagiotis Theorodopoulus.