WMF organized on October 22, 2019 in cooperation with United Through Sports and the main sponsor of the World Championships 2019 Invengo Group Company Limited a UTS conference in Zhouzhuang, China. Julia Govinden, CEO of United Through Sports made now a clip out of the video material which was provided by WMF and Invengo. The title of the conference was “United Through Minigolf – Building Bridges”.

United Through Sports is an alliance of many organizations working together through sports to bring unity and peace to the world. Sport is a crucial element that brings people together both across and within societies. Sport is a language that people all over the world can use as a vessel for communication functioning beyond borders. We all understand that we are living in a world filled with injustice, poverty and discrimination among other challenges. United Through Sports (UTS) in essence brings people together working towards unified goals. As athletes enjoy their victory, we too can achieve united steps towards ending challenges including poverty, discrimination and suffering. We have a responsibility towards our future and we must ensure that every child has an opportunity on the playing-field of life. Our children should have the freedom to safely participate in sport and a healthy lifestyle providing a solid grounding from which to grow.
During the conference, which was guided by Julia Govinden, speeches were given by the Director of Kushan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Mr Min Hongwei, the Chairman of  Invengo Information Technology Company Ltd Mr Xu Yusuo, WMF President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann, WMF Secretary General Sandra Walker, WMF Anti-Doping Officer Karolína Jandová, EMF President Victor Condeço and WMF Director for Sustainability Christian Wassmer. Also two young athletes from Germany and Sweden gave their testimonials on stage. The big final of the conference was a minigolf demonstration by kids of the Zhouzhuang Primary School. Under the guidance of their teacher and WMF staff member Maciej Mądrowski the kids had built in the morning obstacles from domestic waste.These obstacles were used in the demonstration. The chinese group was completed by Mattia Pirovano, the son of a WMF staff member. Mattia was integrated into the chinese group without any problems and the kids understood each other also without a common language. Next day Mattia was even invited to the primary school and attended all lessons together with his new friends. This episode showed us the quintessence of the United Through Sports idea.

Please enjoy the highlights of the conference by watching this short video clip on YouTube.