Dear Sport Colleagues and Friends,

I trust each and everyone is in good health and a safe environment. As is customary, we should have all come together in Lausanne for the 2020 SportAccord, which was moved from the original location in Beijing, China.

I would like to give a special thanks to our friends from BODA and Beijing LOC where we had planned a spectacular Sports Festival involving youth from over 60 sports. Certainly, the health and well-being of everybody is at the centre of all our thoughts during these uncertain times.

We may not be able to meet in person, but we face an unprecedented time where the world of sport, the Olympic family stand in solidarity with the Olympic values of unity, solidarity, respect and non-discrimination symbolising the unifying power of sports.

Through social media platforms we are more connected than ever before and with reflection of our past events, we created a newsletter. This newsletter reminds us all of the positivity and solidarity we have shared, created, contributed and participated towards over the last few years.

We would like to thank each and everybody who has contributed and supported the vision and mission to create smiles, give hope and provide opportunities.

Please enjoy the newsletter, with precious moments captured in videos, the articles recanting unified memories  and let us be inspired to continue working towards a better tomorrow.

The Time Is Now: UTS 2020 Newsletter
We look forward to physically being able to meet in the nearer future once again and celebrate the unifying power of sport and the talents of our youth.


Stephan Fox
On Behalf of the UTS Family