Today, we will take you to a sport which has a cult status, especially in Asia. It has spread its wings from South East Asia around the world and is one of the most popular sports in the Asian Games and South East Asian Games. Sepaktakraw is an indoor and outdoor sport and is also a very popular beach sport included in the Asian Beach Games. The flagship events are the ISTAF World Cup and the ISTAF Super Series. It has record figures on Asian TV, Euro Sports and many others.

ISTAF is a proud member of the GAISF family and a driving member of AIMS since its inauguration and has been represented at every Sportaccord.

The President of Sepaktakraw, Major General. Charouck Arirachakaran, is the Vice President of the OCA and National Olympic Committee of Thailand. The General Secretary, Dato Halim, is one of the driving forces of Sepaktakraw.

Today, we see the amazing skills of the Sepaktakraw athletes Fight Gravity.

Enjoy the contribution of the ISTAF Family.