The executive board of the International Olympic Committee has considered the unanimous conclusion of the Olympic summit which compromises the leaders of all the stakeholder groups of the Olympic movement and the International Paralympic Committee. Following this summit consultation calls were held with all stakeholders. The AIMS council took the position to fully support the International Olympic Committee proposal and to explore further, stressing the importance of respecting each and every member federation and their particular qualification process for continental and world championships or events patronised by the International Olympic Committee.

AIMS believes in the right of each and every athlete, to be treated without any discrimination, standing for inclusion, equality and peace through the power of sport. We are against any interference in sporting matters by public authorities.

Further AIMS stands in full solidarity with the Ukrainian sports community and the Ukrainian people at large, with no international sporting events being organised or supported by any AIMS member in Russia or Belarus. No flag, anthem, colours or any identification whatsoever of these countries were displayed at any sporting event or meeting including the entire venue. AIMS will not accredit any Russian or Belarusian government or state official for sporting events.

AIMS stands with the people of Ukraine.