ITA’s February monthly webinar is dedicated to “Consequences of doping part 1: impact on emotions”. 

A driver of intentional doping is for an athlete to improve their performance to achieve greater success in sport, but this only considers success in relation to a result, not the emotions that go along with it.

In part 1 of this webinar mini-series delivered in collaboration with the University of Birmingham (UK), Olympic bronze medalist Goldie Sayers OLY will share what success means and feels like as a clean athlete. In contrast to this, we will share stories and emotions of athletes who have experienced success while doping.

We invite all athletes and their support personnel to join us and Dr Philip Hurst, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University, in this interactive webinar to reflect on the consequences of doping and how this can impact how an athlete experiences ‘success’.

ITA will leave time at the end of the session to answer your questions live.

As always, weITA is pleased to deliver these webinars in English with simultaneous translation to four additional languages – Arabic (العربي), Spanish (español), French (français) and Russian (русский).

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Topic: Consequences of doping part 1: impact on emotions

Registration link:

Event date: Tuesday 28 February, 14:00 – 15:00 CET


Goldie Sayers OLY, ITA Education Ambassador

Dr Philip Hurst, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology – Canterbury Christ Church University

Moderator: Nikki Hamblin OLY, ITA Education Team