January monthly webinar “Anti-doping rule violations: right to fair hearings”

This month ITA takes a legal look at anti-doping by examining hearing panels, with a particular focus on the Anti-Doping and Appeal divisions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The aim of the session is to explain what happens, and what to expect during the hearing process, such as: There are also a

16th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 2023

The Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand (RCAT) and IDBF are pleased to invite all national federation and IDBF members to compete in the 16th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC2023), which will be held at the Royal Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Centre (RCTC), Rayong – Pattaya, Thailand from 7th – 13th August

AIMS is Looking Forward to 2023

AIMS President, Stephan Fox addressed all the AIMS members, reflecting on an important year behind with the GAISF decision to dissolve the organisation and for AIMS to become a stakeholder in the restructured SportAccord. The AIMS President stated that this was a long process, with a long evaluation done by the GAISF council, the AIMS


GAISF and SportAccord President Ivo Ferriani reflects on 2022’s milestone decision to dissolve GAISF and the exciting future ahead for the global sports community through a restructured SportAccord, alongside the return of the World Combat Games. 2022 will be remembered as the year that GAISF Members boldly took one of the most important decisions in

Paradragons “Life is unfair: Dragon Boating isn’t!”

The above slogan was spotted back in July this year at the International Dragon Boat Federation’s(IDBF) Club Crew World Championships held in Sarasota, USA. It was on a shirt worn by a paraathlete competing at the championships and sparked a lot of comment and interest from thosewho were there. What was behind this? And why

SportAccord structural changes on track to fulfil commitments given to the global sporting community

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – SportAccord is pressing ahead with vital structural changes, after Martin Gibbs was confirmed as the organisation’s new permanent Managing Director. This appointment is one of several concrete steps taken by SportAccord since the dissolution of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) was voted by its members in late November. With professional

A Diamond for Everyone

It was Daniel Swarovski’s vision in 1891 to create a diamond for everyone and the beautiful swan logo represents the beauty of nature and Swarovski reinforces its pride for heritage as well as its vision for the future.  Swarovski Thailand has supported many projects giving back to the local community, especially youth in need which is


Muay Thai hero, Bassam Murthasa who made his motherland proud in many international Muay Thai tournaments, including the most prestigious World Muay Thai Championship, stood in front of the whole world and addressed the United Through Sports (UTS) World Youth Festival 2022, recently. This event was held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee,