FICS is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Brian Nook as the incoming FICS
Secretary-General and Graeme Harrison-Brown as Head of Operations, effective July 12, 2024. The selection process for these pivotal roles garnered significant interest, showcasing the remarkable skills and passion of all applicants. As FICS enters the next phase of its journey, the organisation remains dedicated to advancing the global awareness of sports chiropractic and seamlessly integrating sports chiropractors into medical teams supporting athletes worldwide to naturally achieve their optimal performance. The tenure ahead marks a crucial milestone in FICS’s history, and both Dr. Nook and Mr. Harrison-Brown, in collaboration with the FICS executive, are ideally positioned to lead this charge. Dr. Nook will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role, having engaged at the highest levels of negotiations with international federations for over two decades. His strategic foresight and leadership have been instrumental in nurturing the FICS team, mentoring emerging talents, and devising successful planning initiatives for our future leadership. Notably, Dr. Nook’s leadership style is characterised by inclusivity, setting up opportunities for others to step up and move into leadership roles within the games and education commissions. He has consistently acknowledged the tireless dedication of FICS doctors in supporting athletes and gathering crucial data, which has been pivotal in substantiating the efficacy of sports chiropractic.

Dr. Brian Nook said, “The recent success in Birmingham UK, April 2024, with the signing of key MoUs credits to the FICS doctors. They are the ones supporting the athletes and collecting the data. The data has provided FICS with a powerful tool to solidify the utilisation of Sports Chiropractic as a vital component of the sports medicine team.”

Thes MoU’s solidifies the commitment to integrate sports chiropractic into the support framework for athletes during international events, thereby elevating the standard of care provided to athletes globally.

IWGA President José Perurena said: “The IWGA has yet again landed a strategic partnership with a key actor of the global sport community, the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic. Many chiropractors have volunteered to provide care since 2005, helping athletes to prepare and perform their best at The World Games. Their contribution makes a big difference in the athlete’s well-being, which is the most important factor for us all at the IWGA. FICS services are highly needed and appreciated. We are excited to formalise our long-term relationship with this organisation through this MoU.”

During his tenure on the Executive Management team, Dr. Nook has been a steadfast representative of FICS and sports chiropractic professionals on the global stage, advocating  for their recognition at international forums. With the FICS team, he has successfully implemented plans for upcoming leadership transitions and championed the advancement of education to support doctors at games.

Commenting on the significance of this collaboration, Dr. Nook remarked, “The SportAccord Convention serves as a pivotal platform for global networking, bringing together industry leaders, host cities, international federations, and stakeholders. The diligent efforts of FICS sports chiropractors in supporting athletes have bolstered our relationship with international federations, fostering mutual benefits within the sports movement. Through the MoU, FICS reaffirms its dedication to fostering enhanced collaboration with International Sporting Federations (IFs) and aligning with the core principles of the Olympic Movement.”

Mr. Graeme Harrison-Brown will join Dr. Nook in the FICS executive leadership, bringing with him invaluable operational expertise. Having previously served FICS as Secretary-General from 2018-2020, Mr. Harrison-Brown’s strategic thinking and business skills are poised to be a dynamic force in cementing FICS’s ability to embed its mission and vision into every facet where sports chiropractic can naturally enhance athletes’ abilities.

During his previous tenure, Mr. Harrison-Brown spearheaded a transformative shift in FICS’s operational framework, laying the groundwork for the modern, efficient systems that are in place today. His strategic vision and business acumen have been instrumental in navigating complex organisational challenges and driving sustainable growth. Mr. Harrison-Brown’s return to FICS heralds an exciting chapter of further innovation and progress, ensuring that the organisation continues to grow and be strengthened to remain at the forefront of promoting sports chiropractic globally.

Dr. Martin Isaksson, FICS President, expressed, “FICS is poised to embark on the next transformative journey, furthering its mission to champion sports chiropractic on the global stage. I am honored and excited to be leading an organisation that places both volunteer doctors and athletes’ benefits at the center of its operation.”

Mr Harrison-Brown said “I am honoured to have been chosen to join the FICS team and to be given the opportunity to once again be a part of the organisation’s strategic evolution. I look forward to using my business skills to complement the skills of the executive team as we determine the right moves, by using the right information, at the right time, to achieve strategic success.”