Two new umbrella organizations are to be created after the meetings the IAF representatives had with several organizations in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, this week.
The representatives of 5 Hombu recognized organizations in Turkey had a fruitful meeting with Dorin Marchis, IAF DC Member, on Friday, the 22nd of February 2019.
TURKISH AIKIKAI is the new umbrella organization that will comprise the 5 entities:
Antalya Aikikai
Istanbul Aikikai
Turkish Aikikai Aikido Organization
United Aikido Organization
Yalcin Yenice Aikido Organization.

It was a great joy to see that everybody present at the meeting was very willing to collaborate so that Turkish Aikikai becomes IAF member. Also, the conditions of another umbrella organization, in Saudi Arabia, were being discussed during the same day by Wilko Vriesman, IAF General Secretary, with Saudi Aikikai and Saudi Aikido Association. Both organizations agreed to sign a covenant of cooperation in this direction. The IAF representative had a meeting with the Public Service Department of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia, to discuss the support for the development of Aikido in Saudi Arabia. The Royal Committee expressed the idea and volition to develop Aikido and also to support

female practitioners on tatami.