Bankgkok, Thailand – The SportAccord Convention 2018 in Bangkok has been remembered as one of the most outstanding, particularly with the initiative United Through Sports which saw events leading up to the convention and building up to the Bangkok Sports Festival with over 60 sports participating.

History was made when the youth team of displaced and disadvantaged children from the Mae La Camp participated in the event. The festival opened with a conference joined by many personalities including IOC President Dr Thomas Bach. The four-day event came to an inspiring close with the conference “Leaving a Legacy” behind with key-note speaker His Royal Highness Prince Faisal.

The initiative spear-headed by AIMS under the full patronage of the IOC, GAISF and SportAccord raised donations throughout the week to leave something behind for children in need. As the SportAccord convention prepares for the Gold Coast Australia, Bangkok holds activities and where donations have been made.

United Through Sports, Right To Play and IFMA teamed up to distribute donations form SportAccord Convention to the Tak Province Mae La camp in December. Last Saturday saw the SportAccord Managing Director Nis Hatt travel to Bangkok to participate in the extension of the Sport Is Your Gang project in which children played futsal, Muaythai, sepak takraw and badminton participated.

Mr. Hatt said: “It was truly humbling to watch the kids in action and the enthusiasm from coaches and parents alike bringing their kids to the facilities in the early morning hours to show and teach them that sport can make a lasting difference in their life. Mr. Hatt went on to say: It was also special to have the opportunity to visit the newly developed educational center with facilities for children with special needs and different abilities. It is amazing to think that the center is set to open its doors in just two weeks from now and to see the legacy of SportAccord 2018 coming to fruition a mere 10 months after it concluded”.

In addition, Mr. Hatt went on to say: “A heartfelt thanks must be given to Stephan Fox, President, AIMS, Vice President, GAISF and Secretary General of the Bangkok based International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and Julia Govinden, CEO, United Through Sports who have dedicated themselves to this cause and will continue the momentum at SportAccord 2019in Gold Coast, Australia (5-10 May 2019)”.

The next stage is the opening of the United Through Sports Educational Center this month in which disadvantaged children have the opportunity to freely participate in sports and health activities. Julia Govinden shared her views on the event stating: “The sporting world has demonstrated clearly the impact of unity. Being able to leave behind accessible and free education and sporting opportunities for the children of Bangkok and to have made the visit to the Tak Province Camps distributing sporting goods was a crucial goal of the festival, to give back. We are now working towards the next festival where our focus will be inclusivity for all with an aim to once again leave a legacy behind for the youth of the Gold Coast.”

GAISF Vice-President Stephan Fox said: “The GAISF and SportAccord family incorporate over 100 International sporting federations and organizations. The SportAccord Convention brings together the leaders in sport and using the power of sport towards social change is key for all sport organizations. The Bangkok Convention has shown that sport stands united and this is why United Through Sports has been created. While Thailand still benefits from the convention the focus is on Australia”.

Beside the many activities, a special token was given to Nis Hatt for his support surrounded by many smiles.