Today we will take you to another former AIMS member, Sambo and the International Sambo Federation, FIAS.

FIAS, is the only International Organisation which has been recognised by the IOC, that manages the development of Sambo in the world. Sambo is an international sport, a unique synthesis of single combat and martial arts of the world. There are 3 disciplines of competitive Sambo: Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo and Beach Sambo. Sambo has so many different faces and it is a sport for all, regardless of fitness, ability or age.

Sambo is led by, the energetic President, Vasily Shestakov. It is a member of GAISF and has been one of the driving forces in the AIMS development and is represented through their CEO Michal Buchel, in the council. Sambo has now moved from AIMS to the ARISF family.

Today, Mattia Galbiati will share with us his experience during the pandemic and how Sambo has helped him to stay calm and focused.

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