The AIMS President thanked all AIMS members, Athletes and Coaches for participating in the ITA Webinar this past Tuesday on The Anti-Doping Landscape and Athlete Perspective. A special thanks to the International Testing Agency for putting together this wonderful seminar and educating athletes about Clean Sport, the Anti-doping process and promoting education. The protection of clean athletes in our unified stance against doping is top priority in any IOC recognized sport and organization. We all stand united with zero tolerance for doping and we must really thank ITA for all their work, their mission and vision and we must continue with extensive educational efforts involving all stake holders in the sport movement which is a clear investment towards the future of sport and integrity and the pillar of fair-play.

AIMS Members pride themselves on being fully compliant World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) signatories and many are partner of the International Testing Agency (ITA), collaborating on initiatives to keep our sport clean and to protect our clean athletes.

AIMS has a zero-tolerance policy against doping violations. The protection of the clean athlete is one of AIMS’s main missions based on the pillar of fair play. Education is key and this is why all AIMS stakeholders regardless athlete or support personnel have to participate in the AIMS anti-doping fair play education program.

The ITA has developed a series of educational webinars to continue their training efforts in a time when meeting athletes and their support personnel face-to-face is not possible. The first of a five-part webinar series, titled “The anti-doping landscape and athlete perspective” was publicly accessible and held on 5 May 2020. It aimed at shedding light on the complex anti-doping system and key actors in order to provide basic knowledge on the “who is who” in the fight for clean sport and answer relevant questions.

Around 700 participants, including many athletes and support personnel from the AIMS Family, from all regions of the world attended the webinar. Here is some of their feedback:

“The information provided was really interesting. The presenters were engaging and I liked the webinar format” – Coach

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn more about anti-doping online and fill our time in the quarantine” – Athlete

 “I liked the casual yet professional approach. It was a nice discussion and I did not need to feel that I cannot ask questions or that I would not understand something.” – Administrator



Presenters were Michael Ask, Chair of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) and CEO of Anti-Doping Denmark, ITA Director General Benjamin Cohen and Olympic weightlifting champion Christine Girard, who brought the athlete perspective to the table. Olya      Abasolo ITA Education Manager moderated this session.