Just six months ago, the IOC signed an important MoU for AIMS’ provisional membership, in which AIMS and the 23 international member federations were acknowledged in their role especially in the fields of the development of sport and it’s promotion and support for athletes which are all very much in line with the Agenda 2020 and the vision of the IOC, especially the IOC President.

History was made again, with the IOC President Dr Thomas Bach, visiting 2 AIMS member sports, Ju-Jitsu and Muaythai at the Asian Beach Games in Da Nang. Ju-Jitsu President, Mr Theodoropoulos, who is also the AIMS Vice President thanked the IOC president and the honour given to the sport and especially the athletes. AIMS President, Stephan Fox ¬†thanked the IOC president in person, as it was more than just a gesture, it truly showed that the IOC and its president has not just opened the doors for non-Olympic recognised sports but has given support to AIMS and all it’s members that are in full compliance in all respect with the Olympic Charter and Values. The presence of the IOC leadership, especially the president was the perfect motivation for all the athletes as much in their opportunities and responsibilities in the Olympic Movement.

AIMS will continue to foster and build the relationship with the IOC especially to promote physical and sporting activities for the well being of society and through the IOC resources to get greater support for athletes in each of the 23 member ISFs. All the members of AIMS would like to thank the IOC, especially their Executive Board, the Sport Department and the President for their continued support and for the recognition of AIMS.