Within the framework of exchange of ideas and best practice IFA invites all AIMS member federations to participate in the IFA Policy Forum on Tuesday, March 30, at 6 P.M. (European time). Please register by email to registration@ifa-fistball.com All registered attendees will receive an MS Teams link to participate in the evaluation and discussion.

The IFA approved its current Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023 in 2019, and the Strategic Plan is to be evaluated annually at the second meeting of the IFA Board of Directors. For this purpose, a public IFA Policy Forum will be held on Tuesday, March 30, prior to the IFA Board meeting scheduled for April 17, in which all stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion on the future course of the IFA.

The current COVID19 pandemic is not included in the 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan, but will have a profound impact on the implementation of the plan in the coming years. In addition, at its 137th Session in March 2021, the IOC unanimously approved a new IOC Strategic Roadmap to 2025, called Olympic Agenda 2020+5. This will also have an impact on the IOC Recognition Process.

Olympic Agenda 2020

The Olympic Agenda 2020, which was based on the three pillars of credibility, sustainability and youth, had been adopted by the 127th IOC Session in Monaco in December 2014. The aim of the agenda has been to highlight Olympic values and strengthen the role of sport in society. The biggest advances have been in the Olympic Games, athletes and their protection, good federation governance, solidarity within the Olympic Movement, creating long-term financial stability for the Olympic Movement, the role of sport in society, sustainability and gender equality. The creation of the Olympic Channel is also among them.

Olympic Agenda 2020+5

The Olympic Agenda 2020+5 consists of 15 recommendations and follows the Olympic Agenda 2020, the 2014 reform program. The new strategic roadmap will guide the work of the IOC and the Olympic Movement into 2025.

While the world is currently dealing with the global health crisis with the COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences, the IOC is also focusing on further change, building on the success of the Olympic Agenda 2020.

The 15 recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020+5 are based on feedback from the Olympic Movement and five key trends that will be important in the post-Corona world. This is where sport and Olympic values can play a key role in turning challenges into opportunities.

The key trends on which the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 is based are:

– more solidarity within and between societies,

– the growing digitalization, without losing sight of the lack of digital infrastructure in some parts of the world,

– the urgency for sustainable development,

– the need to strengthen credibility of organizations and situations, and the need to achieve stability in the face of the financial and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. These financial and economic consequences will shape the priorities of governments and businesses in the coming years.

The 15 recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020+5 are based on these five trends and include concrete approaches. The IOC and the Olympic Movement should:

– Strengthen the uniqueness and the universality of the Olympic Games

– Foster sustainable Olympic Games

– Reinforce athletes’ rights and responsibilities

– Continue to attract best athletes

– Further strengthen safe sport and the protection of clean athletes

– Enhance and promote the Road to the Olympic Games

– Coordinate the harmonisation of the sports calendar

– Grow digital engagement with people

– Encourage the development of virtual sports and further engage with video gaming communities

– Strengthen the role of sport as an important enabler for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

– Strengthen the support to refugees and populations affected by displacement

– Reach out beyond the Olympic community

– Continue to lead by example in corporate citizenship

– Strengthen the Olympic Movement through good governance

– Innovate revenue generation models

“The COVID-19 crisis has changed our world,” said IFA President Joern Verleger. “We are therefore well advised to adapt our Strategic Plan.”