Pencak silat a well-known martial art and combat sport is a sport included in the South East Asian Games and Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The international pencak silat federation has over 80 national federations around the world and has set its target to become a world recognised sport and martial art to be included in the GAISF and AIMS family.

A virtual world congress was held with over 70 countries participating with many important speakers namely,

Major General, Dr. HC. Eddy Marzuki Nalapraya, from Bapak Silat Indonesia and was one of the Founding fathers, 41 years ago

Lieutenant General Prabowo Subianto, President of International Pencak Silat Federation, Indonesia

Mr. Benny Soemarsono , Executive Chairman of International Pencak Silat Federation, Indonesia

Mr. Teddy Soeratmadji, Secretary General of International Pencak Silat Federation, Indonesia

Mr. Fariq Abdul Halim, Consultant of International Pencak Silat Federation, Singapore.

The key note speaker was the AIMS president and GAISF vice president Mr. Stephan Fox.


Mr. Fox congratulated pencak silat on this important conference and made a detailed presentation on the criteria of becoming recognised by GAISF and a member of AIMS. He went through the entire recognition process to ensure that each and every member understood the significance of working together to ensure that all the criteria are met. Mr. Fox spoke about criteria points such as, no conflict, global representation, good governance and the importance of being WADA compliant. When the organisation thinks they have fulfilled these crucial requirements and are ready to launch the application with GAISF membership department they can discuss the next steps forward.