Saturday the World Championship ended. The week started with beautiful weather and interesting games in the three groups. In the middle of the week a ridge of a hurricane brought heavy rain, hail and a bad storm so that firs a game had to be interrupted and then started anew the next day. But it got worse the next night when the whole center court was a mess after the heavy storm. It was not possible to play at all the whole day. The playing schedule had to be changed for the next day. Only because of the effort from everybody at the world championship it was possible to continue the next day with the new schedule and also with live streaming of the games.

The new mode with the double elimination system created an interesting Championship with enough time to play also for all the new teams. Austria, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland made their way to the semi finals Saturday afternoon. Germany won in 3 strait sets against Austria. Brazil fought hard against Switzerland so that the game lasted the full 5 sets with a better ending for Switzerland. Before the bronze medal game and the big final the other classification games held place. In the duel between the newbies Australia beat South Africa for the 13th place. The Czech Republic won against Pakistan and secured the 11th place. Colombia went the full distance against Namibia and was the best Newcomer team but in the end Namibia won the 9th place. Italy against USA was the game for the 7th place with a better ending for Italy. In the south american derby between the host Argentina and Chile for the 5th place the host could benefit from the home field advantage and won. The bronze medal game between Austria and Brazil was at a high level. Austria played way better then in the semi final. Brazil fought hard and could win the 2nd set. But in the end Austria was too strong and won the Bronze medal.

The final between the reigning world champion Germany and Switzerland, who was not in a final of a world Championship since 20 years started with impressive defensive and offensive moves. Soon Germany took the lead and won the first three sets with impressive efficiency. In the 4th set Switzerland showed why they were in the final and brought Germany in difficulties. But in the end Germany took over the lead again and defended the title in four sets.

Congratulations not only to the medal winners but to all teams for the participation and to the organization committee and the volunteers to make this event possible.

See you in 4 years in Winterthur Switzerland for the next World Championships.

World Champion 2015 - Team Germany
World Champion 2015 – Team Germany




Silver Medal - Team Switzerland
Silver Medal – Team Switzerland
Bronze Medal - Team Austria
Bronze Medal – Team Austria
4th Place - Team Brazil
4th Place – Team Brazil
5th Place - Team Argentina
5th Place – Team Argentina
6th Place - Team Chile
6th Place – Team Chile
7th Place - Team Italy
7th Place – Team Italy
8th Place - Team USA
8th Place – Team USA
9th Place - Team Namibia
9th Place – Team Namibia
10th Place - Team Colombia
10th Place – Team Colombia
11th Place - Team Czech Republic
11th Place – Team Czech Republic
12th Place - Team Pakistan
12th Place – Team Pakistan
13th Place - Team Australia
13th Place – Team Australia
14th Place - Team South Africa
14th Place – Team South Africa