AIMS held three important General assemblies this year with the 1st being in Sochi in May, the 2nd in Bangkok in August and the 3rd in Lausanne in November. AIMS is about working together for the benefit of sport and activities on all levels. The practice of sport is a human right and every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport without discrimination or any kind; such rights and freedom are set forth in the Olympic Charter and must be secured. Respect and friendship plays an important part in AIMS and sharing moments together, not only in the field of play and meeting rooms, but also enjoying each other’s company in social events.

After Muaythai’s invitation of the 23 members to Bangkok, this time the International Sambo Federation’s (FIAS) President Vasily Shestakov, and FIAS CEO and AIMS Executive member Michal Buchel extended an invitation to the 23 international federations and guests and hosted a wonderful dinner in Lausanne.