An important meeting was held in Lausanne between the 16 IOC and/or SportAccord Combat sports to discuss continued cooperation for mutual benefits, with further discussions on the Combat Games.

The IOC was represented by IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell and Head of Stakeholder Relations, Jennifer Mann, SportAccord Convention was represented by Nis Hatt, and  AIMS President and SportAccord Council member Stephan Fox, was designated to chair the meeting on behalf of SportAccord. The meeting was very productive and the group will continue to work closely together in the spirit of fair-play to protect each other against splinter groups that jeopardise the name of the recognised sport. A decision was also made to continue to cooperate on the possibility of the Combat Games 2018 with an ad-hoc committee being set up representing all the 3 groups, ASOIF, ARISF and AIMS and the 16 combat sports under the leadership of the new SportAccord president.

AIMS President , SportAccord Council Member Stephan Fox Chairing the Meeting
Combat Sport Meeting, Lausanne
The 16 IOC and/or SportAccord recognised Combat Sports