The 8th General Secretary of the United Nations was the keynote speaker at the 2019 AIMS General Assembly. Mr. Ban Ki-moon earned the highest respect for his work for peace, justice and human rights and he also chairs the IOC Ethical Commission.
Mr. Ban Ki-moon spoke about the unifying power of sport. He spoke about the ability to unite, inclusivity, equality and the power of sport towards social change. He gave grace to the AIMS family for their initiative, United Through Sports, and this year’s United Through Sports Youth Festival as part of the Sport Accord Convention on the Gold Coast.
The initiative which started in Bangkok at the convention is a perfect example of what can be accomplished by working together, sharing the same vision for the future and the youth of the world. The initiative, which again is patronized by the IOC, outlines the Olympic values and Olympic humanity and Mr. Ban Ki-moon thanked all the AIMS members council and the UTS team under the leadership of President Stephan Fox and he encouraged everyone to continue this inspiring initiative.