As the last of the big European Teams Switzerland nominated the squad for the men’s world championship in Argentina.

Cyril “Fausto” Schreiber will again be part of the team with witch the Swiss plan to take revenge on the lost final of the European Championship final against Germany last year. There’s also one rookie in the team, but it will not be one of the youngest players. It’s Mario Kohler from FB Widnau.

The last part of the preparation will be a training camp in Turkey .

The squad: David Berger (Engwilen / STV Wigoltingen), Martin Dünner (Frauenfeld / STV Wigoltingen), Mario Kohler (Widnau / Faustball Widnau), Lukas Lässer (Diepoldsau / SVD Diepoldsau), Fabian Marthy (Flums / SVD Diepoldsau), Malik Müller (Widnau / SVD Diepoldsau), Kevin Nützi (Egerkingen / STV Oberentfelden), Ueli Rebsamen (Kreuzlingen / STV Wigoltingen), Raphael Schlattinger (Diepoldsau / SVD Diepoldsau), Cyrill Schreiber (Walzenhausen / Faustball Widnau).

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