The Fistball World Championship 2023 proved to be a tremendous success, and a report will be released soon to highlight its achievements.

Congratulations are in order for the IFA family, with special appreciation extended to President Jörn Verleger for his instrumental efforts in making this event possible. The opening ceremony saw the presence of distinguished VIPs, including Thomas Weikert, the President of DSOB; Ivo Ferriani, the President of SportAccord and IOC executive member; Joachim Gossow, the CEO of World Games; Peter Kurz, the Mayor of Mannheim; and AIMS President, Stephan Fox. Their attendance was a testament to their respect and admiration for the athletes from all corners of the world and their recognition of IFA’s outstanding event.

During the ceremony, AIMS President Stephan Fox presented a special token of appreciation to Honorary President Karl Weiss and President Jörn Verleger, on behalf of the AIMS family, as a gesture of gratitude on the occasion of this prestigious event.

The past week brought forth an extraordinary series of matches at the Mannheim Arena. The historic final was in one of Germany’s most picturesque arenas. This marked the first time  fistball played in an venue indoors at the SAP Arena, drawing an audience of over 12,000 spectators. Brazil secured the bronze medal by triumphing over Switzerland, while Germany was victorious over Austria, securing the gold medal.

Once again, congratulations are due to the entire fistball community, led by President Jörn Verleger. The atmosphere truly embodies a sense of family unity, with each individual contributing to the remarkable triumph. Our sincere applause extends to the gold medal recipient, Germany but in sport everyone is a winner.