Aim President, Stephan Fox, was the guest of honour and keynote speaker at the 2019 sepaktakraw conference with delegates from over 40 countries.
Sepaktakraw General Secretary,  Mr Abdul Halim Kader, welcomed the AIMS President and gave a full report to the delegates and the President on all recent developments of sepaktakraw as one of the founding members of AIMS. The AIMS President also had a chance to mingle and meet sepaktakraw athletes from around the world.
The AIMS President spoke about how the sport is the universal element in cultures and how AIMS will continue to promote Olympism based on culture and sport. Mr Fox emphasised on sports and human rights and that every individual must have the possibility to practise sport and this must be done without any discrimination and that sport is one of the best ambassadors to promote human rights and the inclusion of all.
The President presented special plaques to sepaktakraw leadership, the Vice President, Mr Boonchai Lohrpipat, and the General Secretary, Mr Abdul Halim Kader. The General Secretary thanked the AIMS President and stated that ISTAF will continue to be a valuable member of the Olympic and AIMS family.