Excitement is rising as we count down just one week until the spotlight shines bright on the World Urban Games.

Over 50 cities approached GAISF the Global Associations of International Sports Federations, the key pillar of the wider sports movement with 125 members, associate members and observers including both Olympic and Non-Olympic sports.

One of Europe’s most elegant and cosmopolitan cities is the Hungarian capital of Budapest, one of the major sporting capitals in Europe. Budapest will be the host of this significant event and without a doubt the ultimate global platform for the new generation of urban sports. 3×3 Basketball, BMX freestyle and Breaking, are set for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 with Paris 2024 Olympic programs on the horizon.

The International Olympic Committee welcomed the partnership between GAISF and Budapest stating it’s a great opportunity to test innovations that will bring the sports closer to the youth.  GAISF President, Raffaele Chiulli, stated that “WUG and Budapest 2019 will witness some of the most inspirational urban athletes travelling from around the world where the games comprise a diverse program of competitions and showcase urban sports, complemented by a festival of youth-focused music, art and culture. GAISF is grateful for the enthusiasm of our friends in Budapest towards the GAISF World Urban Games.”

AIMS President, Stephan Fox, who has been recently appointed the Chair of the Multi-Sport Division in GAISF stated that “A big thank you must go to the city of Budapest for giving this opportunity to the youth and for inviting us to celebrate the unique talent and spirit of the youth. The spirit of the Urban Games is the spirit of the new generation and we are all excited to witness this historical event. The GAISF Multi-Sport Games are a reflection of GAISF’s vision for the Multi-Sport Games and where Urban Games is a fantastic opportunity for GAISF IFs to engage with the new generation in urban communities.”

Let the Games Begin! Let us celebrate our youth and the beauty that is Budapest.