Emblem-Danang-2016-_5115240017187AIMS is made up of 23 recognised international sport federations that make up about a quarter within the four recognised umbrella groups that include ASOIF, AIOWF and ARISF. AIMS President Stephan Fox said that this 25% is the minimum of AIMS ISF and sports that should be included in multi sport games. Giving the athletes from all the sports a chance to be included in the various games including both summer and winter, continues to be one of the main priorities of AIMS. Mr Fox stated that a good example of this is the upcoming Asian Beach Games in Danang Vietnam, where 5 out of the 20 selected sports come from the AIMS family. AIMS will continue the drive to popularise each and every member sport in the interest of the athletes, so they can proudly compete at these multi sport games representing their sports, their country and most importantly themselves.