The beautiful city of Cheong Ju in the Republic of Korea was the venue for the World Martial Arts Masterships with 17 martial arts coming together in the spirit of combat sport, friendship and sporting and cultural exchange.

5 of the 7 AIMS member martial arts took part at these Cheong Ju Martial Arts Masterships, with the opening being a world class show. His Excellency the Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do Province and chairman of the event Mr Lee made an emotional speech on the spirit of martial arts, unity and diversity.

The General Secretary of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-Moon delivered a surprise speech on the power of sport and the contribution sport makes towards world peace.rsz_20160902_202036-600x338

AIMS president and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox delivered a heartful speech thanking the city of Cheong Ju for hosting this event, the Governor for inviting all the athletes to this beautiful part of the world and addressing the athletes as the ambassadors stating that peace begins with a smile and that our athletes are the example of this.

The stage was open for 7 days of cultural and sporting exchange.