The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to publish the memberships of its Foundation Board (Board) and Executive Committee (ExCo) as of 1 January 2024. 


In line with WADA’s 2022 governance reforms, the ExCo and Board in 2023 increased from 14 to 16 and from 38 to 42 members respectively.  

The 16-member composition of the ExCo is as follows: 

  • five independent members, including the WADA President (as Chair) and Vice-President (as Vice-Chair); 
  • five representatives of the Public Authorities (PAs); 
  • five representatives of the Olympic Movement (OM); and 
  • the WADA Athlete Council (AC) Chair. 

The 42-member composition of the Board is as follows: 

  • WADA President and Vice-President; 
  • 20 representatives of the PAs, including two representatives of the National Anti-Doping Organization Expert Advisory Group; and 
  • 20 representatives of the OM, including four athletes’ representatives nominated by the OM and a further two representatives of the WADA AC. 

In cases where there are changes in ExCo or Board membership during the year, the composition charts are updated accordingly, and the information is reflected on WADA’s website. 

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