Montreal, 6 January 2021 – Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launched its Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform (ADEL), which is a new and improved version of the current Anti-Doping e-Learning platform (ADeL) that was launched in January 2018.

Via the new ADEL platform, WADA will provide education and learning opportunities for the anti-doping community worldwide; including: athletes, coaches, parents, medical professionals and more. Additionally, on ADEL, anti-doping practitioners will be able to find learning opportunities to help them carry out their roles; and, resources to support development of their anti-doping programs.

WADA Director General, Olivier Niggli, said: “WADA recognizes the power of education to its mission for doping-free sport. The launch of the new and improved ADEL is an important milestone. It demonstrates the Agency’s commitment to education and our intention to support the development of balanced anti-doping programs that include education as a core function by Anti-Doping Organizations. ADEL directly supports the objectives of the new International Standard for Education (ISE), which took effect on 1 January 2021 and is a very significant advancement in anti-doping education policy. We are very proud of these accomplishments. They are the result of a collaborative effort that we have led with stakeholders over the past few years.”

The ADEL platform will have a modernized look and feel; and, will feature a wider range of educational courses and resources for more target audiences as identified in the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and the ISE. ADEL will also provide new opportunities for the anti-doping community to access technical help on a range of topics.

WADA Education Director, Amanda Hudson, said: “Online education is one way to reach target audiences, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new ADEL will support the needs of the anti-doping community by providing education solutions for those responsible for the development of education programs, as well as learning opportunities and technical resources for Anti-Doping Organizations to benefit from. WADA aims for ADEL to become the ‘go to’ place for Anti-Doping Organizations to access resources to support the development of their anti-doping programs and the solutions they need to enable them to educate their communities.”

ADEL now includes new education programs for international- and national-level athletes; athletes who are part of a Registered Testing Pool; high performance coaches; and, parents of elite athletes, which complement the Tokyo 2020 Olympics course for athletes and coaches; ADEL for Medical Professionals (MPs); and ADEL for MPs at Major Games. The platform also includes previously published resources; such as, the Athlete and Athlete Support Personnel Guides to the Significant Changes in the 2021 Code; the Athlete and Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the 2021 List, as well as, all Code Implementation Support Program (CISP) resources, including the recently published Guidelines for Education, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and Results Management. WADA aims to publish all courses and resources in English and French, with Spanish to follow; and more courses and resources will be developed in 2021.

The new ADEL features

  • The platform and the education content will be fully responsive to allow users to learn via a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Learning can happen on the go with the option to complete the courses offline via the ‘ADEL by WADA’ mobile app.
  • Personalized learning plans per role and/or stage of development.
  • Gamification concept, including digital badges and points to collect as users learn.
  • Centralized ADEL Academy for all education offerings.
  • Community learning by exchanging questions and answers with people working in anti-doping.
  • Simple reporting dashboard and customized reports function for Anti-Doping Organization administrators.
  • A dedicated ADEL Helpdesk page with articles to help users solve common issues as well as a dedicated place for Anti-Doping Organizations to request translations of resources.

To access the new ADEL:

To join the new ADEL webinar to learn more about the new platform:

  • Date: 21 January at 09:00 (EST).
  • How to participate: Once you have registered on ADEL, you can register for the webinar via the platform.

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