Over 200 Youth Ambassadors, speakers and representatives have already arrived in Bangkok to be part of the UTS World Youth Festival 2022.

Some of the youth have come as far as Uganda, Los Angeles, South Africa, Trinidad, Australia, Palestine, Romania, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, Philippines, Sri Lanka and the list goes on.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrived with a large youth delegation as the host of the 2021 UTS World Virtual Youth Festival and the youth received a warm welcome at the airport and a welcome reception at the hotel.

Many of the youth met through the pandemic via social media and now have the chance to meet in person for the first time.

The CEO of United Through Sports, Julia Govinden, stated that over the last week, the youth have been so excited to participate and they will be joined by over 300 youth from the Thai National sports federations and they will all stay together over the next 6 days and many new friendships will be formed.

AIMS Vice President Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, who was on site to welcome the youth, stated that AIMS is really proud to play a crucial part at this event and that this event demonstrates the true values of the Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic movement.