“The kids are so excited and so proud to be part of this event. You just have to look at their Instagrams and their Facebook accounts. And especially the kids from the refugee camps and so on. It’s like a dream come true for them. Because they are getting real medals. And they are getting certificates signed by the IOC and IPC and Special Olympic Presidents.

“They will get virtual gold, silver and bronze medals first, and then we are going to give real medals to them.”

Meanwhile the testimonials for the impending event are legion.

Bach has commented: “The current coronavirus crisis has proven that sport and an active lifestyle can save lives. With its own campaigns, the IOC has been working since the beginning of the crisis to make it even more evident how important sport is for physical and mental health, in particular in times of lockdown, social distancing and uncertainty.

“The IOC is excited that the UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020 is inviting youth of all abilities and backgrounds from the international sports community. We have given patronage to the UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020 and will also play an active part.”

Parsons added: “Never has sport and the need to remain active been as important as it is now during the global COVID-19 pandemic due to the physical and mental health benefits it brings.

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“The IPC through its patronage fully supports this innovative festival that will engage youngsters of all abilities around the world and keep them active during this difficult time.”

Davis also offered her thoughts ahead of the event finale: “On behalf of our over six million Special Olympics athletes, we are delighted to grant patronage and applaud the effort of UTS to demonstrate the power of inclusive sport for all.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Special Olympics halted all training and competitions for 2020, however are excited and we fully support the United Through Sports Virtual Youth Festival 2020 as being especially important for our athletes, to remain active, connected and certainly included. May this Festival be the first of many more inclusive events to come.”

With the finals to be hosted in Bangkok, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, General Prawit Wongsuwan said: “The coronavirus pandemic requires our solidarity, determination, compassion and compromise. The Kingdom of Thailand is proud to host the finals of the UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020 under patronage of the IOC, IPC and SOI in celebration of World Children’s Day.”