It was an honour for the AIMS President to be invited by GAISF/SportAccord President, Raffaele Chiulli, who is also the President of UIM, to the opening round of 2020 Aquabike Pro World Championship in Kuwait.

AIMS President would like to thank Mr. Chiulli for the invitation to this breathtaking event sanctioned by UIM promoted by H2O racing held at the beautiful Marina beach, Kuwait city, an amazing venue with a great atmosphere with athletes from over 20 countries. It was also an honour of the president to meet the General Secretary of Kuwait National Olympic Committee. The President would like to congratulate UIM’s effort in their environmental responsibilities in which over 4,000 trees have been planted around the world. Congratulations on this initiative must go to President Chiulli and the UIM family.
Once again, it was a great pleasure for the President to join the event and UIM has certainly gained a fan!