The Ju Jitsu Federation, the Ju Jitsu Asian Union and the Ju Jitsu Federation of Thailand is hosting the Ju Jitsu Championships at one of the most prestigious venues, Rangsit University.
The event will start with the traditional referee seminar, Thailand 2022 followed by the event which will finish on Sunday the 19th. It then will continue with the Sports Data Seminar and the beautiful beaches of Pattaya will be the venue for the JJIF World Beach Cup during the 23rd and 24th of June.

The JJIF Regional U18 Championship has a record number with 304 athletes coming for 18 countries from the South East Asian region which is a record number. Showing the incredible grassroot development JJIF is doing.
The President of the IJJF Mr. Panagionis Theodoropoulos will be part of the event.  Ju Jitsu in Thailand is fully recognized by the National Olympic Committee and the highest sport authority as Ju Jitsu is a full medal sport in the Asian Games and the National Ju Jitsu Federation of Thailand is one of the strongest member federations.
Good luck to all the athletes. Thailand is ready for Ju Jitsu!