Dear AIMS and UTS Family,

As another year is coming to an end, we take the opportunity to look back on the many challenges we have faced, leaving a global pandemic behind, and sadly continuing to live in a world in which poverty, war, discrimination, and hate is the norm. Many of us have athletes who live these hardships in their everyday life.

We have all worked tirelessly as one in promoting tolerance and respect, took great strides towards social inclusion and peace building efforts, and we must extend our sincere gratitude to all members, stakeholders, international organizations and certainly the international Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic movement, not forgetting the over 100 organizations which are part of UTS, and certainly every one of the AIMS members.

AIMS is not only an IOC recognized organization working closely with the IOC to enhance and promote the Olympic values, but also a SportAccord stakeholder, and the entry point towards the recognized world of sport.

There have been so many events where we have worked as one; we have been part of the outstanding World Combat Games in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first ever all-inclusive multi-sport event where we must thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all their support.

I would like to congratulate every member IF for both their individual work and the collaborative work within AIMS, in which we put the youths and our athletes of all abilities in the heart of all.

We will continue this cooperation in the next year, and we must continue to use the power of sport towards a better tomorrow, towards inclusion and nondiscrimination, to stand in solidarity and unity, and we firmly believe that in every new day there is a chance to re-write our stories.

Let us have faith in the future, let us bring smiles to all, especially for the ones who have lost theirs.

In this spirit, and on behalf of the AIMS and UTS Council, for the ones who celebrate the Christmas season, “Merry Christmas”, and health and happiness and continued energy to all for 2024.

Stephan Fox