The International Savate Federation (FISav*) was founded on 23rd March 1985 as an international sports organisation dedicated to the promotion of the sport of Savate – French Boxing – throughout the world. Savate is a combat sport in which all kicks and punches must be performed with precision, according to clear principles, and with respect to the core values of Ethics, Aesthetics, Education and Effectiveness. Savate and its associated discipline of Canne de Combat are practised in more than 90 countries.

World Savate Day brings together all who are interested in Savate, whether clubs, athletes, coaches, supporters or parents, to share positive emotions about the sport that we love. Photos and videos of Savate and savateurs from all 5 continents were posted on social media in celebration of the day, along with messages of support and memories of competitions, training camps, national, continental and world titles. Social media content interactions increased by more than 900% on the day. Posts from Australia, Chinese Taipei, and the UNHCR Kakuma Refugee Camp were some of the most viewed, along with photos and videos posted by World Champions Iden Garcia, Fabrice Aurieng, and Nada Faure.

*FISav was recognised by GAISF/SportAccord in 2010, and is a member of the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS), and one of the founder members of the International Federation for Sports Officials (IFSO).