Kickboxing Thailand Inauguration


Thailand’s national sport is Muaythai but it has a long history in kickboxing with legends like Changpuk competing in the K1 events in Japan against opponents much heavier such as Ernesto Host, Rob Kaman and Branko Cikatic. Or the late Nokvit, giving away more than 40 kilos against French superstar Jerome Le Banner. Kaoklai, winning against Mighty Mo, superstar Alexy Ignashow and no one ever forgot his fight against Hong Man Choi who was twice his weight.

Then it was time for the legend Buakaow, winning twice in the K Max Tournament. Making him a household name around the world showcasing the strength of Thai fighters.

The World Association of Kickboxing Associations (WAKO) is the sole recognised International Federation for the sport of kickboxing and has done outstanding work in youth and grassroot development, gender equality and universality. Wako and kickboxing are included in many multi sport games and also in the upcoming Sea Games in Vietnam and the Asian indoor and Martial Arts Games in Thailand.

A special event was held at the Sports Authority of Thailand for the inauguration of the new national kickboxing association and many VIPS were there to honour the event. The manager of the National Sports Development Fund Khun Supranee Guptasa spoke about how Thailand is proud to be part of the WAKO family and will ensure to act in good governance and fair play for the interest and benefits of the athletes. GAISF vice president and AIMS president, Mr. Stephan Fox was the main speaker, praising WAKO for the outstanding work they have done and not only being a credible but respectable member of the GAISF and Olympic family, stating that WAKO and Kickboxing is one of the 15 world recognised Martial Arts and Combat sports with immense popularity. He then outlined the achievements of Thai athletes in general. Mr. Fox, also gave a special tribute to the former chair of kickboxing of Thailand Khun Santipharp Intaraphartn. President Fox, further stated that he is looking forward to watch kickboxing and Thai athletes at the upcoming Sea and Asian indoor and martial arts Games. He very much hopes that the Thai athletes will qualify for the World Games in 2022.  He thanked Khun Supranee for her vision and efforts for sport in Thailand.


After the opening the Thai athletes displayed their skills and talents in the different disciplines to the delights of everyone who was there.