LAUSANNE, 8 November 2017- GAISF and International Olympic Committee (IOC) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), underscoring the unity of vision and purpose between the two organisations and paving the way to a continuing close and fruitful relationship, which will benefit all of sport’s stakeholders.

The MoU was signed by IOC President Thomas Bach and GAISF President Patrick Baumann, ahead of the official opening of the International Federations Forum in the Olympic Capital Lausanne.

The signing marks a new era in the ever-closer relationship between GAISF and the IOC, and the closure of a transition period which has seen Sportaccord re-name as GAISF, as well as the re-evaluation and redefinition of its role, aims and objectives.

The relationship between GAISF and the IOC is increasingly important in a changing international sports landscape and emphasises the IOC’s continued commitment to the International Federation (IF) Family, which was highlighted in Olympic Agenda 2020. This gave IFs a greater responsibility in key areas including nomination of new sports, the Olympic Games bidding process and ensured a voice at the top table across the Olympic Movement.

The MoU covers membership criteria, services to members and multi-sport games, and is designed to serve as a framework for roles and responsibilities, eliminating duplication among GAISF stakeholders and the Olympic Movement.

IOC President Thomas Bach said: “This is a milestone in our partnership with GAISF and the International Federations.

We are appreciative of this new form of cooperation which is in the spirit of sport and will definitely help all the IFs and the IOC as well. It is a two-way street.

GAISF will offer a new quality of services to which we will contribute as much as we can, and we are looking forward that.

This will allow GAISF and the IOC to really develop sport, address the challenges we face and make a greater contribution to society.

This MoU cerates the foundation for a close, efficient and successful cooperation between GAISF and the IOC and for facilitating the work of the IFs across sport.

GAISF President Patrick Baumann welcomed the MoU as a significant step forward.

The relationship between International Federations and the International Olympic Committee is pivotal to the future of sport,” he said.

We are one family, share the same vision, promote the same values and stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the major issues facing sport today.

I would like to thank IOC President Thomas Bach and the IOC for the trust that they offer GAISF and its members through this MoU, which articulates and cements our relationship, makes clear that we are all members of the Olympic Movement and will see us working even more closely together, to ensure that the values of the Olympic Movement remain paramount in an ever-changing sports landscape.

The clarity of our shared vision and the unity of purpose between GAISF and the IOC makes all of sport stronger.