The kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the 2023 World Combat Games which is more than a sporting event. It is a festival of cultural, educational and sporting exchange. The 9-day event will see 15 GAISF members from ASOIF, ARISF and AIMS families participating. The event will hold competitions, conferences, exhibitions, martial arts workshops and the first martial arts awards gala.

The vision is to stage the entire event in one venue so that all participants can move between all activities with ease. GAISF President, Ivo Ferriani and Vice President, Stephan Fox visited some of the proposed venues to report back to the participating sports federations. An earlier site visit also took place in which all the technical delegates had the chance to visit the venues and hotels.

GAISF President, Ivo Ferriani, congratulated the leadership of the sports movement, HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, President of the NOC and Minister of Sports for his vision towards inclusion, equality and using sport as a tool towards cultural understanding.