Only less than one month before the opening of the 31st Sea Games in Vietnam. The International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) the world governing body for Sepaktakraw and The Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF) had held an important balloting ceremony for the Sea Games.

Sepaktakraw is an exciting skilful sport which is part of both the Sea games and Asian Games. ISTAF sees good governance as a fundamental principle of olympism. Not only does ISTAF ensure good governance but it also stands for the values of excellence, fair play and respect.

The balloting ceremony took place on the online platform from Bangkok, Thailand. The ceremony was witnessed and overseen by AIMS, the IOC recognised umbrella body in which ISTAF is a member. AIMS president Stephan Fox congratulated the ISFAT family under the Presidency of His Excellency General Charouck Arirachakaran and Secretary General Abdul Halim Bin Kader for their outstanding work in the last years and especially to ensure the importance of fair play. The AIMS Executive Director Ms. Ravibha Dent was appointed as the external auditor for verification of the balloting process and results in the ceremony.

The balloting results are the following:

AIMS would like to congratulate ISTAF on this historical move ensuring good governance and wishes all the participating teams in the Sea Games good luck for the upcoming competitions.