The SportAccord Convention is without a doubt one of the most prominent events on the international sporting calendar. The entire elite sporting industry gathers each year to exchange ideas and information for the benefit of all in sport.

AIMS consists of 23 international sporting federations, recognised by SportAccord and AIMS plays an important role to actively unite, to coordinate and defend the common interest of the AIMS members. AIMS prides itself in the close cooperation between the Olympic and non Olympic sports, the 3 umbrella groups ASOIF, AIOWF and ARISF, and SportAccord and IOC.

This is the 14th edition of the SportAccord Convention which has taken place in many beautiful cities around the world but this year as its return to the Olympic city of Lausanne, the home of many international sporting federations and the IOC, undoubtedly will ensure an unforgettable and most importantly successful event in which there is clearly one winner – SPORT.