Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the AIMS Council, the AIMS international office and certainly myself, we hope that you all had a healthy start in the new year 2021.

We all experienced a challenging 2020 and indeed a unique year. I would like to thank you for your solidarity and your commitment in working together as one family.

We know that the pandemic is still rampant in many countries and we now place our hope on the vaccine. As the current state of affairs dictates, for some months to come we will still find ourselves in turbulence, but with the lessons learnt and where we have become much stronger.

We have created new opportunities of which many will undoubtedly continue past this pandemic.

We must thank the medical experts, the scientists, healthcare givers and may we all look optimistically towards the future.

In just over six months we will all witness the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games. We are all in the hope and as President Bach stated that, “The Olympic flame will become the light at the end of the tunnel.” With the Paralympic Games, The Universiade and the many national and international events to come, sport must continue.

As we try to maintain positivity, we must continue to collaborate in solidarity and unity under the slogan of the Olympic movement, that we are always stronger together.

AIMS will continue to support all its members and observers in the best possible way, so that all our athletes and youth can meet again on and off the field of play in cultural and sporting exchange.

There have been changes within the GAISF administration. We all have been notified on the CAS decision concerning Russia and we have  already held a council meeting. Shortly we will invite all our members to an online briefing for 2021.

We will continue to exchange knowledge, inspire and encourage each other and even though we may not be a family by blood, we are a family built out of respect and unity.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with and for you and hopefully very soon we all will meet physically again.

Stay safe and healthy.

Stephan Fox

President, AIMS