AIMS President, Stephan Fox, had the honour to visit the 2019 Fistball World Championships and also the IFA Awards Ceremony and United by Sports conference.
President Fox congratulated the outgoing IFA President, Karl Weiss, on all his achievements over his 8 years of Presidency from 27 to 61 national federations. He also honoured Mr Weiss for all his work in the AIMS council and is looking forward to continued cooperation until the end of his term.
The President certainly congratulated Jorn Verleger for becoming the new President and his energy and professionalism shines through all the work. He especially congratulated IFA on the congress and future planning, building on the IFA youth towards the future.
The President also was taken in at the capacity arena with the exciting matches and Germany being crowned World Champion 2019.
Congratulations to the IFA family.