The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), one of the founding members of AIMS, holds a prominent position in the AIMS council since its inception. AIMS President travelled to Malta to participate as a keynote speaker at the IPF General Assembly. During his speech, he commended the IPF for its remarkable achievements in promoting universality, inclusion, fair play, and anti-doping efforts.

The President also extended his congratulations to the outgoing IPF executives for their contributions and achievements. Furthermore, he praised the newly elected board and expressed his support for Mr. Gaston Parage, who was re-elected as the President of the IPF. Taking the time to witness the competitions firsthand, the President acknowledged the IPF’s commitment to gender equality, applauding their efforts in creating a format ensuring equal opportunities for all athletes.

President Fox also had the privilege of presenting medals to the winners and witnessing extraordinary world-record performances. On behalf of AIMS, he conveyed his congratulations to the IPF for securing a remarkable six-year contract with Eurosport, highlighting the significance of such partnerships in promoting the sport globally.