AIMS Federation Online Meeting

All AIMS members convened virtually to discuss issues related to the pandemic and post pandemic planning.

AIMS President, Stephan Fox opened the meeting stating the multitude of challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has affected us all. The president further stated that, “We are all in the same boat, all our lives are affected”.

The president also congratulated each and every AIMS member for adapting to the situation and for continuing to inspire and motivate their members. Over the last weeks many personal calls have been made with the AIMS council and the individual IF’s for AIMS to support to the best of its abilities. Detailed updates were given by the council in regards to post pandemic planning, Multi-Sport Games, IF Forum and 2021 conventions.

An important project presentation was also done by UTS CEO, Julia Govinden, towards the upcoming Youth Festival.

One further important discussion was the upcoming plan for this year’s general assembly and to ensure that the safety, health and travel restrictions are taken into consideration before a final decision is made.