The AIMS President attended the FITEQ gala dinner and finals, conveying personal well wishes to both Mr. Gábor Borsányi, President and Chairman, Mr. Viktor Huszár. He commended FITEQ for its exceptional global development efforts, emphasizing that the world championships in Bangkok mark another significant milestone in FITEQ’s progress. The event was attended by esteemed IOC members, including Thailand’s IOC member Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul and Mr. Bernard Rajzman, Brazil’s IOC member, who lent support to both teams during the final days. Additionally, the presence of IOC member Mrs. Filomena Fortes from Cape Verde and football legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who delighted many with an exhibition match, added to the occasion.

AIMS extends its warmest congratulations to FITEQ and, of course, to all the teqball athletes for their outstanding performances.