The youth of the world are our future in sports and in life. The 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires was a perfect event for the AIMS Council to celebrate the Olympic values and enjoy the immense beauty of sport.
The International Olympic Committee invited AIMS to be a part of this exceptional event with the inauguration of the first ever Olympism in Action Forum. The forum was well received bringing together the Olympic movement stakeholders and civil society. AIMS can only praise the initiative and the evident power of sport to create positive change not only on the micro, but also on a macro level.
The council meeting was held at the IOC Headquarter, the befitting¬†Hilton Hotel in centre of the city where the council was certainly blessed and honoured to have the inspirational late President of GAISF and SportAccord Mr. Patrick Buamann in attendance. IOC Sport Director, Mr. Kit McConnell joined the meeting and welcomed AIMS on behalf of the IOC. Mr. McConnell’s presence expressed clearly the close relationship between the IOC and AIMS, as well as the importance AIMS has as one of the 5 recognised International Federation umbrella organisations. Mr. Philippe Gueisebuhler, head of GAISF Administration delivered a full report concerning GAISF activities and discussed the joined operational plans between GAISF and AIMS.
The meeting came to a close with thanks given to the IOC showing appreciation for their kind invitation and the use of their facilities. AIMS congratulated the IOC for a successful Youth Olympics 2018.
20181007_110301_HDR AIMS Council Meeting with Patrick Baumann in Buenos Aires