United Through Sports

United Through Sports is an alliance of many organisations working together through sports to bring unity and peace to an often-divided world. We would like to thank each and every one who has contributed to the success of these alliances and particularly to the IOC, SportAccord and AIMS for the trust granted to us in coordinating this much needed initiative.

We hope to continue working together as one, for and with our youth. Some children have no choice. No voice. But we do. In an often-divided world, sport is a crucial element that brings people together both across and within societies. 

Sport is a language that people all over the world can use as a vessel for communication functioning beyond borders.

We all understand that we are living in a world filled with injustice, poverty and discrimination amongst other challenges. United Through Sports (UTS) in essence brings people together working towards unified goals. As athletes enjoy their victory, we too can achieve united steps towards ending challenges including poverty, discrimination and suffering.

We have a responsibility towards our future and we must ensure that every child has an opportunity on the playing field of life. Our children should have the freedom to safely participate in sport and a healthy lifestyle providing a solid grounding from which to grow. Regardless to friendship, rivalry, passion, motivation, desire, inspiration, belonging, triumph and honour, what we all strive for in everyday life is a chance and an opportunity.

United Through Sports brought world-renowned personnel to one round table in 2018 at the inauguration of UTS during the SportAccord Convention in Bangkok. The opening conference showed the importance of working together as one and the three-day festival is an affirmation of our youth looking to us not only for guidance but reminding us all about our duties and the impact our decisions have on their future.

United, we will continue our best efforts to make their world as well as ours a better place.